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Hiya. I'm Leira. You probably know me better as Tay, or Kongers. This is my theme blog.

Welcome, weary traveller.

I make my themes based off the things I like; songs, films, TV shows, etc.

If you have any problems with a theme, just send me a message! I don't bite!


This blog is going on hiatus because I have too much work with school. The ask box is being closed. Sorry.

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Hi, I love your themes! On theme #9 is there any way you could me the links on the top optional. Like I could only make the ones I'm using show?

Yes. Simply look for this part in the code: 

<div id=”showerhead”></div>
<div id=”shower”><div class=”title”><center>Navigation</center></div><div class=”align”>
<div class=”links”><a href=”{text:Link1URL}”>{text:Link1Title}</a></div></div>
<div class=”links”><a href=”{text:Link2URL}”>{text:Link2Title}</a></div>
<div class=”links”><a href=”{text:Link3URL}”>{text:Link3Title}</a></div>
<div class=”links”><a href=”{text:Link4URL}”>{text:Link4Title}</a></div>
<div class=”align”><div class=”align2”>
<div class=”links”><a href=”{text:Link5URL}”>{text:Link5Title}</a></div></div></div>
<div class=”links”><a href=”{text:Link6URL}”>{text:Link6Title}</a></div>
<div class=”links”><a href=”{text:Link7URL}”>{text:Link7Title}</a></div>
<div class=”links”><a href=”{text:Link8URL}”>{text:Link8Title}</a></div>
And delete the links you don’t need.

As you have probably guessed from the fact that questions are being answered, I’m back from my hiatus! This means that activity on this blog will return to normal, and I’m happy to announce that I plan on releasing a new theme within the next week. Thank you so much for all the kind messages that were sent to me, and I hope I’ve managed to fix all the problems everyone asked me about. Thank you so much for being patient with me. 

Another note, some of my themes will be temporarily taken down for updating. Examples of these are my first few themes, because as I’ve made more themes, my skills have slowly increased, and I feel like I should update the ones I first created. 

Thanks again 

- Leira

If you ever went to Disneyland, which ride would you go on first?

That’s a difficult one, though I’m quite surprised you managed to predict I’ve never been! I’d probably go for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

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everytime i try a new theme it never works, it looks like crap. why??

I’m not sure. If you come off anon and describe the problem to me, I can try to help.

Theme making hiatus while I go through exams. Don’t worry, it’s only until June 19th. My apologies for any inconveniences. 

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How do you reblog things on theme #17?

You need to go on the post’s permalink (either by clicking on the notes or by clicking on the date it was posted) and you reblog it from there. I’m working on adding a thing where you don’t have to go onto the post to reblog it, though. Look out for it in my next theme.

To the anon:

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Theme #17: Shake The Ground by kongersthemes.

Live Preview | Download

Please like or reblog this post if you use this theme, and DO NOT remove the credit.

If you have any problems with this theme, simply message me and I will do my best to help you sort them out.

Things about the theme:

  • The ask and submit links appear automatically.
  • This theme has 6 custom links.
  • The sidebar image resizes to 190px wide automatically.
  • The title font is called Lobster.
  • This theme is based on the song “Shake The Ground” by Cherri Bomb.
  • You can have two sidebar images with this theme.
  • If you need any help with this theme, send me a message and I will be more than happy to help fix whatever problem you may have.
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You're not a good theme maker.

Sorry, I’m all out of fucks to give.